£7 million 'title winning' midfielder injured. What a wee shame.

After splashing out £7 million on Liverpool reject Ryan Kent in the wake of losing to Celtic in the first Glasgow derby of the season, Rangers have been dealt a huge blow with their prized summer signing going off injured after just 40 minutes into his second debut for the club.

Now I wouldn’t normally celebrate or even chuckle at a player getting injured but I have put those feelings aside over the past few weeks with Jordan Jones fucking himself up after he hacked down Celtic new boy Moritz Bauer in the derby and now with Vanilla Ice wannabe Ryan Kent - the man who was going to lead Rangers to their first-ever Scottish Premiership title and stop Celtic from winning nine in a row.

Even in the aftermath of Kent signing, I jokingly tweeted ‘wouldn’t it be a shame if Kent picked up an injury in his first game back’. Low and behold Kent picks up an injury and I’ll be buying a few lottery tickets over the next few weeks.

If it is a hamstring injury he could very well be out for four to six weeks - and will certainly miss this Thursday’s Europa League clash with Feyenoord. Although I hear there will be plenty of available seats for him to choose from at the game with 3000 spares.

Gerrard the root cause

The heartbreaking sight of the hordes’ beloved Ryan Kent going off injured can be traced right back to Gerrard’s mismanagement once again. Despite throwing his players under the bus over the derby defeat and ripping Jordan Jones a new one over his red card and injury - Gerrard decided to throw Ryan Kent into the match against Livingston with no first-team football under his belt since early July.

That decision to risk their £7 million ‘glamour signing’ rather than bringing him on later in the game shows how much of a hypocrite Gerrard really is. All week he had attacked Steve Clarke over the careless handling of midfielder Ryan Jack for making one of his players run 11k two days after a derby game - despite the likes of Forrest, Christie, and McGregor also partaking in the same training sessions - and then himself throwing Kent into the mix with no football under his belt in two months.

It took Kent 11 games last season to score his first goal for Rangers, and while he went on to score six goals in total last season [a tally that Ryan Christie usurped this August alone] his performances were far from worthy of such a price that the Ibrox side paid - even if they did celebrate him punching Scott Brown as if they had won their first league title. Levels.

It now looks like Kent will have to postpone proving Kyle Lafferty’s claims that he is as good as or even better than Eden Hazard.

What a wee shame.