Bad News Bears strike again as Morelos 'rejects' £30 million Chinese offer

You could have put money on the cogs within Rangers’ PR department working overtime to take the attention away from Dave King’s continued fuck up over Mike Ashley and Sports Direct - and predictably they have done just that with a supposed £15 million bid from Chinese club Hebei Fortune for striker Alfredo Morelos.

The three-year-deal that was allegedly offered was worth £10 million a year before tax, but Morelos reportedly rejected the offer, despite the Ibrox side not receiving such a bid.

Further links to phantom moves to Germany, England and Italy have materialised over the summer as Rangers try to flog their overhyped thug of a striker - but with no takers they have tried similar with captain James Tavernier with Newcastle United selected by random by the Bad News Bears to roll out a positive news story about the club and/or player knocking back a move to remain at Ibrox.

Unfortunately for Rangers, the Tavernier link to Newcastle was rubbished by United manager Steve Bruce soon after and now it looks like the Bad News Bears have went back to using Chinese clubs and Alfredo Morelos - despite the only offer ever received for the Colombian son of a mattress being a measly £2 million - as admitted by Steven Gerrard last season.

And with the Chinese transfer window closing at 5pm today it looks like Rangers will valiantly and heroically hold off the Red onslaught from Heibo Fortune to snatch their striker away from the Quintessential British Club Mk2 ahead of their Going for 55 league campaign - for the fourth time…..

This latest transfer story being rolled to the media several hours after news broke of the club ordered to stop dealing with Hummel and Elite over breaches of contract with Sports Direct - as well as paying Sports Directs legal bills. Merely a coincidence timmy.

Nothing to see here.

Nothing at all.

No that isn’t a Rangers letterheaded press release that you see being shredded on the news floor telling their poodles to write a positive news story today at all costs!

Just don’t go mentioning the fact that Chinese clubs are limited to sign only FOUR non-Chinese players and Heibo Fortune already have their full complement of foreigners - which include former Barcelona star Javier Mascherano, Brazilian Fernandinho, Argentinian striker Ezequiel Lavezzi and Brazilian striker Marcão.

Stop being obsessed timmy!

Sorry Jabba not everyone is as gullible as the horde are.

As the Four Lads had a dream website say: ‘Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise’.