Celtic fans unite with Tom Boyd as media target former Celtic skipper

In a week that hasn’t been the greatest for Celtic fans, they have once again been united behind a common cause - the defence of former captain Tom Boyd after his comments on Celtic TV saw widespread faux outrage from Scotland’s pathetic excuse of journalists.

Boyd, who was co-commentating on Celtic TV for the weekend’s Dunfermline cup clash, criticised referee John Beaton claiming that he ‘bottled’ a major penalty decision after he waved play on after the ball hit a Dunfermline player’s arm in the box.

Boyd said: "That’s a penalty. It’s a penalty kick. His arms are up in an unnatural position and it’s a stonewall penalty. And once again, Celtic denied by decisions by the referee, and the referee has bottled that.

"That’s an absolutely scandalous decision by John Beaton. What does John Beaton not know about the new rules? If he doesn’t know that’s a penalty he should not be in the middle of the park refereeing a football game. He’ll probably be welcome down his pub tonight again."

He added: "I’m not mystified. John Beaton, it’s obviously a pre-meditated decision not to give that penalty because it was so late in the game."

The hacks have the daggers out

Rather than discussing the disgusting sectarian songbook and filth that emanated from the Dunfermline fans on Saturday, the hacks in this country have jumped on the comments of Boyd on Celtic TV. A channel for Celtic fans. A partisan channel for Celtic fans. It’s not like he sat in his first press conference as a club manager after drawing 1-1 claiming that his club had been on the wrong end of decisions for years or the club issuing a statement that the referee had ‘underlying issues’ to send one of their players off.

It was an emotional comment from Boyd who saw a referee refuse to award a penalty despite the rulebook clearly stating that such an infringement should have seen a penalty awarded to the Scottish champions. A comment that has received the backing of a wide number of Celtic fans during and following the game. A comment that has merit when you take into account the plethora of decisions and the misconduct of referees and officials over the years.

We’ve had a referee resign after not being awarded Category One status following a half assed disciplinary years earlier that saw him continue in his role despite posting sectarian and homophobic comments online. We’ve seen a referee request that his final game as a whistler to be at Ibrox - and who then to this day travels around the Rangers supporters clubs and lodges regaling the horde with his tales as a whistler. We’ve seen referees boast during supporters events that they denied Celtic goals, penalties, sent off Celtic players etc - whether it is playing to the crowd or not is another matter entirely but it fuels the continued theories that the men in the black are indeed anti-Celtic. We’ve seen a top flight referee lie to Celtic and its manager about the decision to reverse a penalty decision and a linesman who refused to lie to cover up the lie bullied by the Head of Referees Hugh Dallas forcing the former linesman out of the game. Before it all came out in the wash, leading to the referees strike and alleged blackmail from Dallas - who was caught sending anti-Catholic and jokes about the Pope via his Scottish FA email account - to call off the strike if disciplinary proceedings against him were dropped.

We’ve seen comments from Steve Conroy - a self-confessed Celtic fan - who stated that there were very few Celtic fans as top level referees and in fact, couldn’t name another one. We’ve heard of Bobby Madden and John Beaton holding season tickets at Ibrox and of the latter attending a well known Rangers pub regularly and posing with Rangers fans - including the aftermath of a derby game at Ibrox where Beaton ignored FOUR violent conduct incidents by Alfredo Morelos on Celtic players. A game which Celtic lost. And we’ve seen referees swear and get in the face of Celtic players complaining about their decisions while others smile and joke with Rangers managers on the touchline after a late extra time goal minutes after looking glum at the same club conceding..

We’ve seen the token ‘Celtic fan’ Neil Cameron - off the back of writing about his Granda not liking the Green Brigade banners despite being six feet under - refer to Tom Boyd’s comments as a disaster. And Keith Jackson calling Boyd an embarrassment. A bit rich coming from Traynor’s former tea boy whose career is now in freefall with the likes of Gary Ralston preferred by the Rangers PR Guru to produce copy from the emails he is sent.

I’m sorry but no Celtic fan is going to listen to the hacks of this country criticising one of their former captains given what they have produced over the years. From the thugs and thieves headlines to reporting on Rangers death and an end to their history before doing a u-turn on the truth to safeguard the commercial interests of their dying rags and toeing the Rangers party line to keep their press access.

Especially when the likes of Rangers club ambassador Derek Johnstone is giving a free pass to spout his bile every week on Radio Clyde - including criticising referees, Celtic players and much more without condemnation from the hacks.

Last season, the media ramped up their campaign to stamp out sectarianism in our game after two incidents at Rugby Park involving Celtic and Rangers fans when Kris Boyd and Steve Clarke were targeted respectively. The Daily Record as a paper launched an anti-sectarianism campaign in the aftermath and which has promptly disappeared from view.

They brush off the sectarian songbook and filth from Dunfermline fans near the Celtic family stand, rather focusing their diatribe instead on Tom Boyd criticising a controversial referee blatantly refusing to give Celtic a penalty that should have rightly been given.

The only comment on their filth coming by the hacks came from Cameron on twitter, stating: “Dunfermline fans with more than a few anti Catholic chants today. Smashing stuff.”

It was good enough to post on twitter but it wasn’t good enough for Cameron to mention it when writing his latest articles over the weekend? How his Granda would be ashamed to see him turning a blind eye to sectarianism.

We saw the Scottish FA purposely refuse to hand referee Willie Collum a Rangers game in the aftermath of the Ibrox club issuing several statements and comments blasting the whistler and perceived bias against Rangers after he sent off Daniel Candieas during a game against St.Mirren. Comments that saw the club fined and warned about their future behaviour. Yet, it saw Collum pulled from officiating Rangers games UNTIL Celtic had won the league.

Plenty was written by the hacks criticising Collum’s refereeing that day and over the years, yet when there is a clear refusal by the Scottish FA refereeing department not to hand him another Rangers game in over four months they remain silent. In fact, when he was finally awarded another Rangers game some even laughed it off.

Not one Celtic fan will take any lessons from hacks who’s morals and opinions change depending on what way the wind blows and what way the money flows in from. Not one Celtic fan will take any lessons from hacks who published comments from Rangers - after the shameful scenes at Rugby Park earlier this month when their fans risked the safety of their own supporters by breaching the security gates and destroyed a disabled section’s roof - trying to blame Kilmarnock instead. They published their comments verbatim. Without opinion, without criticism, without the facts. After all they didn’t want to hurt their commercial interests.

Tom Boyd is one of the few former Celtic players who fights for Celtic’s corner no matter what. He calls things how he sees them just like Chris Sutton does. While the likes of Andy Walker, Kris Commons and others are happy to take the blue pound to criticise and condemn Celtic and their players at every opportunity.

And that is why Celtic fans would rather listen to the likes of Boyd and Sutton before the likes of Cameron, Jackson and English.

So before we take any lessons from the media in the country, how about they support supporters calls for referees to disclose who they support, like referees do in England and beyond. And then impose a blanket ban on said referees officiating games involving the club they support or their rivals. Otherwise what are they hiding?

It’s been a tough week for Celtic fans who have quite rightly criticised the club, the board, the manager and players over the defeat to Cluj resulting in being knocked out of the Champions League.

But Boyd once again leads from the front and has united the supporters as one behind a common goal of condemning & outing dodgy refereeing decisions and combating the faux outrage from the poodles in the media.