Charity begins at home for Rangers

Just days after the sad passing of former Rangers defender Fernando Ricksen, Rangers announced a Legends game would be held at Ibrox against their Liverpool counterparts. But rather than donating all proceeds to charity - possibly an MND charity in honour of Ricksen - Rangers are instead pocketing the money!

Instead of the match proceeds going to charity, they are holding a Gala Dinner which will cover their charitable side with Rangers Charity Foundation and Liverpool’s own Charity benefiting from the £1000+VAT a table dinner and fans can donate in collection buckets on the day of the game.

Ticket sales for a sold-out Ibrox would pull in around £1 million, while food and drink, merchandise and programme sales would further add to the club’s coffers. Surely a cool million to an MND charity would be a huge statement from the club off the back of one of their own passing away to the horrible disease.

However, on Liverpool’s own website promoting the Legends game, it stated that a ‘donation’ from the game will be made to the LFC foundation - but no such statement appears on the Rangers website. They have made sure there is no reference to a donation given to Liverpool from the match and so it appears that Rangers 2012 are playing the same game as Rangers 1872 did with the AC Milan Legends game in March 2012 - weeks after the club went into administration - and was later found to have broken charity regulations.

Just last year, Liverpool traveled to Glasgow for a similar Legends game at Celtic Park to help raise money in the fight against Cancer. All proceeds of that game went to the Celtic FC Foundation, the Stiliyan Petrov Foundation and the James Milner Foundation - a game that included Rangers manager Steven Gerrard.

So what are Rangers doing with their share of the match proceeds? Pocketing it of course. Every little helps as the Tesco advert states and just goes to show that charity does indeed begin at home for Dave King, Stewart Robertson and the Rangers board.

Are the proceeds from the match going to pay the first installment of Ryan Kent’s transfer fee? Are the proceeds going to cover the running costs at Ibrox with expenditure at the club outstripping that of the income generated at the club? Are the proceeds going to cover the legal fees owed to Sports Direct and what damages Mike Ashley’s firm are awarded in court today?

Whatever the REAL reason behind Rangers’ pocketing their share of the match proceeds, it just goes to show that when the shit begins to hit the fan at Ibrox - charity begins at home.