Councillor slams poorly organised treble treble bus parade

A Glasgow councillor has slammed the poor organisation surrounding Celtic’s treble treble bus parade and demanded that police, the council and football bosses meet so that there will be no repeat of the chaos.

Following Celtic’s 2-1 win over Hearts in the Scottish Cup Final, there were plans for an open top bus parade through the Saltmarket and the Gallowgate to celebrate the Scottish champions winning the treble treble.

But the parade was cancelled after Police cited safety fears due to the number of fans on the bus route. Leaving tens of thousands of Celtic fans angry at the shambolic organisation by Police Scotland and Glasgow City Council - despite knowing well in advance of the route and what assets need to be put in place to police the route.

Councillor Martin McElroy told the Evening Times that he had received a deluge of complaints from angry fans.

He said: “Football supporters across the world regularly get to celebrate their team’s triumphs with public parades....except in Glasgow. If Hearts, Hibs or Aberdeen won a trophy, it’s a certainty that fans would expect an open top bus through the streets.”

Mr McElroy added: “Just look at the scenes from Liverpool with the supporters who weren’t able to go to the game but still wanted to enjoy the atmosphere. We’ve never really had this in Glasgow for our team’s achievements.

“The chaos from the aftermath of the Scottish Cup final shows that we still have work to do. We need to make sure that fans aren’t let down in the future and we can have properly organised events going forward.”

McElroy’s comment on the Liverpool Champions League win is further proof of the inadequate policing and poor organisation by Police Scotland and Glasgow City Council. Liverpool City Council and Merseyside Police managed to get all their assets in place to properly police and organise Liverpool’s Champions League trophy parade route.

Despite thousands of fans on the road throughout the route, the parade carried on with the bus escorted through the throngs of fans thanks to a cordon of Police surrounding the bus and moving fans out of the way.

Celtic’s bus parade was re-routed and then cancelled with the bus ending at the Radisson Red, much to the annoyance of the fans and players alike.