Embarrassing climb down from Scottish Sun over rankings

David Fowler of the Scottish Sun must have been grinning like a cheshire cat yesterday, after seeing that Rangers were ranked above Celtic in the Global Club Soccer rankings by analytics website FiveThirtyEight.

The analytics model is based on the number of projected goals for and against, transfer markets and the strength of the league that they play in.

The Rangers fan boy couldn’t wait to hit the keys on his computer to bang out another article to highlight how Steven Gerrard’s mighty Rangers had now not only closed the gap on Celtic, but have now leapfrogged them in a rankings system that has as much credibility as the FIFA World Rankings system.

Fowler claimed that Rangers were ranked 14 places higher than Celtic, despite Neil Lennon’s side winning eight titles in a row and an historic treble treble - in yesterday’s edition of the Scottish Sun.

But just a day later, Fowler and the Scottish Sun had to embarrassingly climb down on their adoration of the mighty Rangers ranking higher than Celtic as Rangers dropped 39 places to 131st and the Scottish champions rose eight places to 98th place - meaning that Celtic are now the highest ranked Scottish side on the table.

Maybe next time, Fowler could write a piece on how Rangers would have been Scottish champions if only matches were 80 minutes long rather than 90 minutes. After all there seems to be an increasing amount of desperate news articles being published looking to belittle Celtic and cause frictions between the club and fans.

It’s amazing the tripe that is published in so-called top newspapers in Scotland nowadays. Their predecessors must be turning in their graves.

Posts on Rangers forums and by fans on social media lauding the rankings have since been quickly deleted or forum threads closed from adding the truth.