Everyone anyone at Rangers except....

It was heralded as a groundbreaking initiative. It was supposed to drag Rangers Football Club into the 21st Century like every other Scottish club. Sadly their ‘Everyone Anyone’ campaign seems to be dead in the water already after just one tweet!

It is quite pathetic that in modern society a football club is receiving plaudits for enacting an initiative to tell their own fans that no matter who you are, what colour you are or what faith you are - you can support the club. But Rangers have duly delivered what some - even their own supporters - have called a box ticking exercise.

Don’t get me wrong, the Rangers hierarchy should be praised to the hilt over this initiative and trying to tell their fans to stop being racist and bigoted arseholes, but they are fighting a losing battle. David Murray made great in roads to rid Rangers 1872 of the bigots that infested the now liquidated club. He banned bigoted fanzines like Follow Follow produced by the well-known bigot Mark Dingwall and helped to bring Mo Johnston to Rangers - the first high profile Catholic - smashing their decades old anti-Catholic signing policy to bits.

And yet despite all the hard work that Murray put into Rangers 1872 to rid the club of the bigots, they remained and when liquidation arrived and Charles Green bought the liquidated club’s assets and created Rangers 2012 - the bigots tupe’d over. Their hatred for anyone different to them increased exponentially. They targeted anyone who dare call them Sevco, they threatened and abused club officials and their songs of hate were belted out loudly and proudly as they had no tainted titles or trophies to celebrate winning.

So you would have thought Rangers’ ‘Everyone Anyone’ would have heralded a new era at Rangers? Sadly, just like Rangers 1872 found out - making a statement such as this is short lived and will lead to usual suspects dragging themselves out of the gutter to shame the club once more.

And they did so when the Rangers twitter account promoted a photo op between Rangers managing director Stewart Robertson and the SNP’s Justice Minister Humza Yousaf.

Photo Op Backfires on Club

Launched at the beginning of the week with Stewart Robertson flanked by Labour & Tory politicians Pauline McNeill, Anas Sarwar and Frank McAveety - it showed a clear cross party support for the anti-discrimination initiative.

Days later and it was the turn of the Scottish Government’s Justice Minister Humza Yousaf to visit Ibrox to learn first hand and help promote the campaign.

Speaking to the official club website, Yousaf said: “Discrimination and prejudice have no place in society or football. Everyone should be able to enjoy our national sport, regardless of their background.

“There have been long-standing issues in Scottish football and I have emphasised that society as a whole, including those who love our national game, needs to step up.

“I’m therefore pleased to see such positive and proactive action from Rangers to ensure everyone is welcome at Ibrox. I warmly welcome the Everyone Anyone campaign and hope it can help make football more inclusive and diverse.”

His comments were echoed by Stewart Robertson, who added: “We want to create an environment where everyone feels valued, safe, welcome, and wanted. Supporting Rangers should break down barriers and Ibrox should be a place where diversity, unity and inclusion are strengthened through the friendships football can create.

“Supporters are the lifeblood of the club and we believe positive fan behaviour and tolerance can be enhanced through this campaign as we all have one shared passion – Rangers.

“We have a rich history of success and achievement but we should also be regarded as a modern, balanced and fair football club which opposes all forms of anti-social and discriminatory behaviour, including bigotry, racism, sectarianism, homophobia and sexism. The club has a chance to make a real impact and we are determined to do more than pay lip service to this initiative. This is Rangers and we have to reach out and embrace everyone and anyone.”

Sadly for those behind the initiative, Rangers fans took to twitter in disgust over Yousaf’s appearance at Ibrox as they pissed all over Robertson’s comments of being regarded as a ‘modern, balanced and fair football club which opposes all forms of anti-social and discriminatory behaviour, including bigotry, racism, sectarianism, homophobia and sexism’.

In fact, Yousaf’s appearance at Ibrox went down as well as an HMRC tax bill or a Mike Ashley bill for breach of contract.

Hate-filled and rabid Rangers fans targeted the Rangers account demanding that whoever invited Yousaf to Ibrox ‘should be sacked’. They demanded the tweet be deleted. And they launched into an abusive commentary aimed at the SNP MSP. Calling him everything from a degenerate to a scab to a reptile to a rat, a snake and a rabid nationalist.

His promotion of the initiative as one of the most high profile politicians in Scotland effectively called time on the campaign for some Rangers fans after less than a week.

One disgruntled Rangers fan hit out at the club, saying: “Why are we inviting him [Yousaf] to ibrox try it on a match day and see the response if this is the sort of people we need to interact with for everyone anyone then I’m out.”

Another added: “A great initiative now has zero credibility. Massive own goal letting that bigot anywere [sic] near ibrox.”

While there was time for some deflection and finger pointing from a Rangers fan blaming Yousaf for some of the problems they are facing, claiming: “I've lost all support I had for this campaign. This man is a bigot himself and is part of the problems we are facing. A shocking move from the club and has alienated a large section of rangers fans who are opposed to his stance in government.”

One tweet. One appearance. One initiative firmly now in the bin and discredited according to the rabid horde.

Puff Piece Guru Neil Cameron

And then we have The Herald’s Neil Cameron, a man who has a few Rangers supporting mates, who aren’t bigots otherwise he wouldn’t hang around them. I wonder if he hangs about with Chris Jack? Or is he still crying his eyes out over Mike Ashley ripping Dave King a new arsehole?

Not only did Cameron claim, as a 16 year old, that he called home while on holiday using up half of his spending money [Parents must have been tight arses] to find out if Johnston had indeed signed for Celtic in 1989, he also claimed that the Rangers support has changed for the better.

I’m sorry but was he holidaying on Uranus? Because he is certainly talking out of it if he thinks anyone will believe that the Rangers support has changed for the better.

Since 1989, we have seen Rangers 1872 dodge tax, rip off creditors, buy titles and trophies with bank loans, before going into administration and liquidation. Edmiston Drive was hit with a flash flood of tears from the horde and what a beautiful sight it was.

Not only does he laughably claim that Rangers have the biggest support in Scotland, he also claims that Rangers fans don’t resemble the image of the shaven head, earring, tattoo, wearing an ill-fitting replica strip and whose politics are to the right of Klaus Barbie. Has he ever met Mark Dingwall, Craig Houston or Simon Leslie?

He then has the audacity to further claim that the ‘Rangers support has changed’ their ways. He said: “There are 10s of thousands going to games every week who would rather some of the old songs weren’t belted out. They cringe when a chant goes up about the Lisbon Lions dying. They are less than proud of what led to 2012, and quite a few things which happened afterwards.”

Sorry to burst your little bubble Neil, but there are 10s of thousands singing about the Lisbon Lions dying. There are 10s of thousands lauding the struggles that Leigh Griffiths recently went through. There are 10s of thousands using child abuse as part of their sick and twisted agenda to attack Celtic with. There are 10s of thousands singing songs of hate against Catholics, against the Pope and much more.

Just because your wee circle of pals tell you they don’t sing the above songs - 1. Doesn’t mean they are being truthful to you. 2. Doesn’t mean that the Rangers support have changed.

Your circle of pals is not a barometer of the Rangers support. Just like two or three Celtic fans is not a barometer of the Celtic support.

The Gers TV pundit [and coincidentally former RST board member] Simon Leslie recently took to his vlog to promote his support for known racist, bigot, convicted fraudster and criminal Tommy Robinson. He also slandered comedian Lenny Henry by calling him a racist. Leslie belts out derogatory chants about Jock Stein, he refuses to eat Green sweeties and bins them, and he also uses child abuse for his own sick and twisted agenda. Leslie was voted onto the RST board by Rangers fans.

Leslie is a known associate of Mark Dingwall - former RST board member and editor of the bigoted fanzine Follow Follow. He is also a known associate of Craig Houston and Chris Graham. Houston a known homophone and Graham a known anti-Muslim bigot. These individuals not only amount to the same amount of Rangers supporting mates you have - but they are also a barometer of the majority of the Rangers support. After all they were voted onto fan group boards. They were recognised as fan representatives and one in fact became a Director at Rangers for all of one day before his anti-Muslim bigotry forced the club into sacking him - despite not paying the bigot under the table to help run the not-so-independent fan group Club 1872.

So forgive me Neil if I take your comments, about the Rangers support changing for the better, with a pinch of salt. There have always been fans who detest the bile that follows the club, they taught their sons and daughters that the football mattered not the bigotry. That rivalry was okay, but that the vile and disgusting hatred that 10s of thousands of Rangers fans belt out home and away was not.

Rangers, as a club, may have changed. None more so than in 2012 when one died and a new club took over tenancy at Ibrox. But the fan base who tupe’d over to the new club haven’t changed for the better. They have got worse. They are more rabid. They are more hate-filled. And as Celtic near nine-in-a-row this season and potentially 10 next season - their hatred will increase exponentially until it spills over from the terracing like a premature pitch invasion to celebrate a title win in December.

You may have good mates that support Rangers, I’ve known a few over the years myself. But I’m certainly not going to put them on a pedestal and claim that they are some sort of barometer of change within the horde at Ibrox.

Social Media may highlight and give the militant rabid dogs within the horde a greater voice than they normally would have been given in days gone by - but it is the terracing where the truth lies and the truth is certainly not what you are trying to paint to the readers of the Herald and the Evening Times.

But at least your mates will buy you a pint this weekend for brown nosing them in the paper. Chin Chin!