It's the hope that kills them

Congratulations to Rangers 2012 on winning the 2019-20 Premiership title after their 4-0 win over French side Marseille at Ibrox. Rangers triumphed over the second string Ligue One side who days earlier succumbed to a 2-1 defeat to English giants Accrington Stanley and struggled to beat Stoke City’s under-23 side 1-0 at the start of last week.

What? You can’t win the league by winning a pre-season friendly? Hold the presses. Stop the release of the DVDs and T-Shirts. Rangers will just have to wait until December to celebrate the league title just like last season. Wait? What? Rangers didn’t win the title last season in December? What do you mean Celtic won it in May? But Rangers and their fans celebrated winning the title twice in December?

For the past three seasons, Rangers 2012 have been touted as league winners by their delusional bloggers, touted to be title challengers and a threat to Celtic’s domestic dominance by their fan boys in the mainstream media and their fans have spouted their Going for 55 pish - despite being a seven-year-old club.

And predictably this summer is no different. Every new signing - they have signed around 27 new players in the space of two seasons under Steven Gerrard - comes in and reads from the Quintessential Rangers Anthology of PR quotes written by Jim Traynor.

The latest being the fringe Bologna player Filip Helander signed for £10 million all in - if you believe the pish being spread on soclal media and fan forums by some ITK Rangers fans!

Helander claimed: “I’ve come here to battle for every point and to win trophies and I’m looking forward to meeting my team-mates and getting started. It’s a special club with tremendous fans and a unique history.”

A unique history…. yes you don’t get many tremendous fans and fan boys in the press ignoring a club being liquidated and then claim that it is the same club after the assets were bought after a CVA was rejected. Unique is certainly a word that could be used. Tainted is another. Broken, definitely. Short, more accurate.

But it is their latest pre-season friendly win over a second string Marseille side at the start of their own pre-season that gives them the belief that Rangers will win the title this season. They point to Celtic’s 0-0 draw with Rennes - a club that finished below Marseille in Ligue One - as proof of this. While forgetting that Celtic put out a second string side with a couple of first team regulars getting 45 minutes ahead of Wednesday’s Champions League qualifier against FK Sarajevo.

Again though, they don’t do facts and they also never learn from their past mistakes and claims of winning the title in previous seasons.

While Rangers talk a good game, with two wins over Celtic last season to look back on with fond memories, it was Celtic that wrapped up a historic treble treble. A feat they never achieved when Rangers 2012 were struggling to win the Petrofac Cup and achieve promotion from the Scottish Championship.

So while we read from the fan boys lapping up every morsel from Traynor, Celtic will continue to go about their business in the correct manner. They won’t get involved in an ‘arms race’ with the ibrox side who are spending well beyond their means to stop Celtic at all costs.

Their 74% wage to turnover ratio is unsustainable without the benefits of Champions League money and especially given the impending costs they are set to be hit with over another failed court case against Mike Ashley.

Their scatter gun approach to signing players - 27 players in two seasons for effectively seven positions - says more about Rangers and Steven Gerrard’s desperation at stopping Celtic at all costs. They are snapping up players with little or no resale value, they are neglecting their youth development programme and their star players James Tavernier and Alfredo Morelos have been pimped out in the Scottish press yet they have no buyers - not surprising given the laughable amounts they claim they want for the duo.

And Celtic will certainly not sign players just for the sake of it. The Scottish champions are not looking to make up the numbers, they are looking to strengthen, they are looking to add quality to the team to take them further in Europe as well as win their ninth league title in a row.

The prospect of a quadruple treble is possible, but while Celtic fans would love another domestic clean sweep - progression in the Champions League to the group stages and possibly the last 16 as well as securing their ninth title will take precedent over winning the league cup and Scottish Cup.

So let the Rangers fans get their hopes up once again, let their players talk about winning trophies and for this to be their year. Let their fan boys in the media spout their garbage and try to belittle anything that Celtic do. Because it is the hope that will kill them.

Rangers 1872 died chasing Celtic’s achievements under Jock Stein and Rangers 2012 have failed to learn from it.

Celtic’s winning mentality is there for everyone to see, and yes they need to strengthen especially in the right back position - but they don’t need to dramatically change their whole team. They don’t need to sign a full team of players to retain their title.

Celtic will do their talking on the pitch, where it matters most and come May 2020 we shall be celebrating equalling Jock Stein’s historic record and looking to break that record by going for 10.

It is the hope that will kill them. 9 in a row will kill Gerrard’s Rangers career and 10 will end the blind support that Dave King has from the gullibillies, and potentially see the club lurch towards financial suicide likes its predecessor unless they ruthlessly cut costs.