Keith Jackson - Judge, Jury and Executioner

You wouldn’t think that Keith Jackson was still writing for the Daily Record has the number of columns he writes for the paper has dropped dramatically over the past couple of seasons, but now he is looking to use the child abuse scandal at Celtic Boys Club to kickstart his downward spiral of a career.

It wasn’t that long ago, Jackson was boasting about being the Sports Columnist of the Year and that he had exclusives every other week. He even claimed that he was at the forefront of the Craig Whyte and Rangers liquidation story - laughably I may add.

But, his career is now as empty as the regular pints he has at his local boozer thanks in part to his ‘sources’ at Rangers taking him off their email list - thanks to his article on Alfredo Morelos and Colombia’s cocaine industry. He is also not even nominated for any sports awards now as provincial reporters are doing a better job than he is.

So what can he do to kick start a career that looks to be heading the same way as David Leggat? Write a column that finds Celtic guilty over the child abuse scandal despite no shred of evidence to back up his claims. Despite no court case or enquiry finding Celtic complicit in the crimes of several sick and twisted individuals who were on the books of Celtic Boys Club - an organisation the football club did not own or run.

But we all know why he is pandering to the lowest common denominator - the child abuse obsessed Rangers supporters - because his career needs it. He needs to get back into the good graces of his former boss Jim Traynor, he needs to sweeten the orcs down Govania Way and what better issue to do so than condemning Celtic without any evidence.

In all his years of writing about Scottish Football, not once has he written about the child abuse scandal. Until now, when he is desperate to feel relevant again within the corridors of power at Ibrox.

Why else would he write about a child abuse scandal and call for a full independent enquiry without highlighting the other clubs involved? Why refuse to comment on Rangers’ handling of a child abuse victim with his claim and then being told to go speak to the liquidators as it had nothing to do with them.

Where was Jackson’s columns then on the shocking treatment of a child abuse victim by the club he used to play for as a youth?

Celtic have issued several statements about what happened at Celtic Boys Club, they also stated quite correctly that the boys club was a separate entity. And no amount of sidestepping the legal and business information will whitewash over that fact. Whether certain individuals and gloating Rangers fans want to believe it or not in a court of law - it is the law that counts not someone’s opinion and certainly not gloating Rangers fans hell bent on bringing down Celtic and to get one over on Celtic fans because we laughed at their club dying in 2012 - and still do to this day.

Jackson’s article reeks of the ambulance chasing lawyer and the inbred mutants on Follow Follow demanding Celtic pay compensation to victims when nothing has been proven in a legal setting. Jackson’s article reeks of someone desperate for it all to be true so that he can boast about being at the forefront of the scandal in years to come. Jackson’s article reads like every other comment we have read from the orcs who deflect away from the paedophiles that were actually employed by their club - coaches, scouts and former players - to point the finger at Celtic because it is convenient for them to do so. The victims of Rangers’ employed paedophiles for the most part did not get justice, they did not get an apology from the club, nor did they get any compensation from the current Rangers board - because they don’t see it as their problem, they see it as the liquidators problem. And the Rangers board see any line of questioning around paedophiles at Rangers over the years as a ‘cheap and nasty attack' on Rangers Football Club’.

Like the orcs on Follow Follow, Jackson is implying that a paedophile ring was in place at Celtic Park and that Celtic knew about it - again with no shred of evidence or legal finding to back up said claims. If Celtic let this cretinous alcoholic back into the stadium then shame on them.

As Celtic look toward winning nine-titles-in-a-row next season, Jackson’s article links Celtic Football Club dominating Scottish football back to Celtic Boys Club and claimed even if it meant Neil Lennon’s transfer budget was cut to pay compensation to victims then so be it. And this is the crux of the matter, Rangers fans are desperate for Celtic to be financially hamstrung so they don’t win nine-in-a-row let alone 10. They know their team isn’t good enough to stop Celtic. They know that their precious 54 titles bought off the old club’s liquidators is under threat and after their campaign to have unofficial league titles won during WW2 failed - they are now demanding Celtic are stripped of titles, financially hamstrung and closed down. Not because they want justice for the victims of child abusers at Celtic Boys Club - but because they fear their inaccurate tag of world’s most successful club is slipping away from them.

If or when an independent enquiry is held into child abuse in Scottish Football - all clubs must be party to the investigations. All clubs who have had known paedophiles living or dead working for them must be investigated. And all clubs who the enquiry find culpable or party to such crimes happening must not only apologise to the victims and their families - but they also must be reparations to them as well.

Jackson’s failure surrounding the law on this matter as well as any potential liability is once again shown up as it would be the club’s insurers who would pay out if such a decision was found against Celtic. Unlike Celtic, Manchester City - who recently set up a controversial compensation scheme for victims - don’t want the due process of law to carry forward. Their compensation scheme is to stop any legal proceedings from starting.

Unlike Jackson, I have seen what Thompsons Solicitors have listed on their website and the claims they are handling for victims of child abuse at football clubs in this country. It lists Celtic, Manchester United, Hutcheson Vale, Hibernian and Jackson’s beloved Rangers.

Jackson couldn’t get his head round Rangers’ EBT scandal, he and the other hacks continue to ignore Scots Law when it involves incorporated companies to suit their own agendas and the commercial interests of their relevant organisation, and now he is ignoring the due process of the Scottish justice system to find Celtic guilty of a heinous crime that they have not been found guilty over nor faced charges relating to it.

Just like bandwagon jumping politicians James Dornan and Adam Tomkins - Jackson’s article is the desperate act of a man whose career is beyond repair and is in desperate need of some love from the orcs down Govania way.

I for one will await the due process of law to complete before passing judgement on officials and a club that has done so much for the needy in this country and beyond since its inception in 1888.

Jackson has chosen to ignore the law to suit his own agenda an agenda that will see him end up being another boozed up alkie David Leggat swimming around the filth on Follow Follow.

Celtic’s domination of Scottish Football has nothing to do with the scandal surrounding Celtic Boys Club, it won’t see Celtic stripped of titles or trophies, it won’t see Celtic’s finances hamstrung through potential compensation claims - despite the dreams of those desperate and gloating Rangers supporters.

And here is the thing, even if or when Celtic are cleared of any wrongdoing by a court of law or enquiry - the desperate comments and gloating from the Rangers supporters will continue even if every piece of evidence backs Celtic’s case.

These people don’t care for the victims, they don’t care about the truth, they only care about what they can concoct in their warped, sick and twisted minds.

No other fan base on this planet would use a child abuse scandal like the Rangers support do. No other fan base would ignore their own club employees’ crimes to point the finger at others. No other fan base would defend their own paedophile employees using the ‘aye but they never faced court’ defence - knowing fine well you cannot take dead men to court over their crimes.

Time will tell if the ambulance chaser takes his overwhelming evidence to court, if an independent public enquiry is held and if Celtic are found of any wrongdoing.

But one thing is clear, Jackson’s career as a newspaper columnist is nearing its end and journalism in Scotland will be better for it.

The remaining years of his life will be filled with him writing on toilet cubicles and Follow Follow - whatever one is seen as more credible to the gutter snake.