Knox: Nine in a row would be phenomenal achievement for Celtic

Former Rangers assistant manager Archie Knox has claimed that Celtic winning nine-in-a-row would be a ‘phenomenal achievement’ and ‘that it will live for them forevermore‘.

Knox admitted he never imagined that another nine-in-a-row would be won, when Rangers were funded by David Murray and his dodgy pals within the Bank of Scotland.

The Ibrox side won nine titles in a row during the 1990s, but were halted by Celtic under Wim Jansen as they looked to beat the record first set by Jock Stein’s Celtic side in the 1960s-70s.

Knox said: "It will be a phenomenal achievement (for Celtic), no doubt, and I think it was for Rangers at that time. That will live for them forevermore, their kids, their grandkids. The stories will go on and on."

The 72-year-old added: "Celtic were in the doldrums really when we won the nine and they have picked themselves up whereas Rangers have had a dip.”

Rangers have had a dip? Is that what they call financial mismanagement and liquidation down Govania way?

Knox reiterated the fact that this summer was hugely important for Rangers’ recruitment as they look to stop Celtic equalling Jock Stein’s record - by any means necessary!

He added: "They [Rangers] have a long way to come back [can you come back from the dead?] but they have to come back [without the aid of an Ouija board?] because if you have 52,000 fans there every home game and a travelling support that demands that you win, somehow their recruitment has got to be really top notch this season so that right from the off, no matter when the first Old Firm game is, they have to be winning games.

"Rangers fell down against some of the lower teams this season so they have got to make sure that they have a team that is going to compete with Celtic all through the season and not be in a catch-up situation as they have been for a few seasons now. It is as important to one as it is to the other.

"Rangers have to stop Celtic getting nine in a row and Celtic have to try to get to the bit where they can go for the 10. In the close season you will see comings and goings from both sides.

"The recruitment will decide because there will be a number of players leaving both clubs and then what type of player, or quality of player they both bring in will be vital to what they are able to achieve next season."

Celtic lifted their eighth title in a row at the end of last season and will go into the new season looking to secure their ninth with Neil Lennon at the helm, following the shock departure of Brendan Rodgers in February.