Leaked transfer dossier proves Congerton was the Mr Magoo of Player Recruitment

Celtic was facing another leak in the ranks after a transfer dossier was leaked online with a list of potential signings from a meeting in April.

Despite a mixture of claims that the document was real or fake, Daily Mail journalist Stephen McGowan has confirmed that the dossier was real.

At the time of the meeting, Lee Congerton was still Celtic’s Head of Recruitment but has now quit the club for Leicester City - and thankfully he looks to have taken the majority of his ‘transfer targets’ with him. Littered with spelling mistakes and a tunnel vision approach to sign players in the English Championship, every passing minute proves that Congerton was out of his depth and only got the gig because Rodgers was his best bud.

The board, in particular Peter Lawwell, and then-interim manager Neil Lennon will almost certainly have had no say on the list of these potential targets that Congerton was looking at until they discussed them further at said meeting. Some fans are using this leaked dossier as another reason to attack Lawwell and Lennon - but this is firmly on Congerton.

Now that Congerton is gone, it looks like Lennon is actually targeting quality players rather than Congerton’s list of players- bar one or two exceptions. The list further goes to prove that recruitment under Brendan Rodgers and Lee Congerton was abysmal and thankfully they are no longer our problem to deal with.

Time will tell how much damage the Mr Magoo of Player Recruitment will do at Leicester City, but for Celtic they have bigger fish to fry. They must now hunt down the person(s) leaking confidential club documents as well as first team line-ups.

Another clue may be in the fact that the paper had been crumpled up and had possibly been binned - would this point to cleaners at Lennoxtown?

Whoever the leak is, be it a member of staff, a contractor or even a disgruntled player - Celtic will almost certainly kick them out of the club through gross misconduct.