Mike Ashley the Rangers tankbuster wins again

If you don’t have social media you wouldn’t have the heard the news over the weekend that Mike Ashley has won another legal battle against Rangers and Dave King. That’s because the Scottish mainstream media are silent.

The latest court ruling has been out for well over 24 hours and yet not one single media outlet has picked up on what is another damaging defeat for Rangers - one that will almost certainly cost them millions in revenue and legal fees.

And yet they remain silent on the Ibrox side’s latest woes, happy peddling clickbait stories of signing £3 million-rated Welsh defenders from Anderlecht and how Rangers are going to re-sign Ryan Kent for another season.

After all this is the season that the Rangers will stop Celtic from winning nine-in-a-row. The latest exclusive with a Rangers employee in one of the red tops told us so. Why bring the horde back down to reality?

And here is the reality….

Despite claiming initially that they had defeated Mike Ashley and forced him to change the terms of their merchandise deal, King and his Monty Python-esque cronies had to actually pay £3 million to change the terms and even then they screwed up big time.

The latest court ruling in favour of Sports Direct once again centres on Rangers’ refusal to abide by legally binding contracts and instead ‘unofficially’ use a company owned by a businessman who runs a few Chinese Takeaways in London to flog their limited amounts of Hummel merch.

Ever since Dave King eyed up ownership of Rangers he has tried to circumvent UK Law - first with his breach of Takeover rules and then with his constant breach of legally binding contracts with Sports Direct and Mike Ashley.

No great surprise that he doesn’t wish to follow the law of the land, when he has 82 convictions for tax crimes in South Africa. And only a hefty fine being paid kept him out of the pokey.

While the latest court ruling found in favour of Sports Direct, there will be another case to hear soon in regards to damages that Rangers will have to pay Mike Ashley’s sports retailer and it won’t be pretty that’s for sure. Not only did Rangers and the takeaway baron ignore previous court rulings, their blatant disregard for UK Law will see both parties hit with massive bills.

Elite Group could see themselves going the way of the old club and being liquidated over the damages and legal fees they will need to pay, while Rangers will see a sizeable dent made in their finances - so much so that they will probably have to run to Close Brothers for another loan or ask for another handout from one of their directors.

And yet Rangers are looking for leave to appeal the latest judgement after the judge ruled in favour of Sports Direct on every one of the club’s points. If this was a boxing match Rangers would have lost on a Total Knockout.

The question is will Hummel continue to do business with a club that is a legal basket case and with a fan base that will not buy merchandise from Sports Direct and can’t buy the official gear anywhere else? Will they be happy with Billy Baw Jaws buying a knockoff orange top from a Turkish stall instead?

With a further injunction almost certainly set to be imposed on Rangers and Elite Sports Group, it will hit the Ibrox club hard financially - on top of the damages and legal costs they will have to pay out. Is this why they are trying so hard to flog Morelos and Tavernier via their puppets in the Scottish media?

The latest legal wranglings and the fall out is certainly not good news for Hummel or for their business dealings and there will be a time when the kit manufacturer will decide ‘fuck this’ and ditch the toxic brand of Rangers Football Club 2012.

But there is some good news for Rangers fans though, they have set another world record. The world record for the most court cases lost in a row.

Tick tock Rangers. Nine in a row is going to hurt! Ten will end you!