New balls please as Hurting Zombie Andrew Dickson oozes pain

In what can only be described as pain oozing out of his pores, freelance Sky Sports reporter Andrew Dickson took to twitter last night to condemn a member of the crowd at Wimbledon who decided to wear a Celtic top rather than being suited and booted.

Dickson, who has been working at Sky since May 2015, was enjoying the festivities at the All England Tennis club as a fan. But rather than commenting on a great game of tennis between Djokovic v Goffin on centre court - it was the sight of a Celtic fan sitting across from him that he was more interested in and took to twitter to show his displeasure.

He said: “Currently Djokovic v Goffin on Centre Court, straight across from me there’s a guy in a Celtic top. It’s Wimbledon, there’s 14,999 people in here all dressed up and one geezer massively out of place in a football shirt. Have a day off instead of wearing the same thing everywhere!”

So why did Dickson feel the need to vent his outrage on twitter? Well the Sky Sports Reporter previously worked with Rangers Football Club 1872 and latterly Rangers Football Club 2012, before being sacked from his position as Senior Content Producer in November 2014.

Dickson saw first hand the demise of the old Rangers and was one of the main parties to force through the lie that Rangers 2012 was the same club as Rangers 1872 - going as far as taking employees of other clubs and the media to task over calling Rangers, Sevco or a new club - and he did so in such a public way that his former drinking buddy Chris Graham led a campaign of attrition against them which resulted in several people being sacked from their jobs.

We cannot imagine the pain that Dickson endured seeing his beloved Rangers die and then having to painstakingly target anyone and everyone who mentioned Sevco and new club in the same breath. But it can certainly explain why the man who killed off both Rangers Weekly and Rangers Monthly as editor is hurting so much over one Celtic fan sitting in the same crowd as him.

Eight league titles on and Celtic are just one title away from equalling Jock Stein’s Nine-in-a-row record. I can only imagine the pain that Dickson will go through when that happens! And god help him when 10 becomes a reality!!

Sadly for Dickson, he failed to remember a tweet he published only a few hours earlier showing his own dress code - wearing what looked like a skid marked t-shirt , a pair of maroon bermuda shorts, a Wimbeldon branded baseball cap and looking decidedly worse for wear. He didn’t even bother to shave before sitting among the Pimms O’Clock crowd.


And to be fair to the Celtic fan at centre court, there were a plethora of tennis fans wearing a mixture of outfits - including one dressed up as a tennis court as the image featured at the top of this article showcases.

But then Dickson never whined like a wee bairn over that guy now did he?