One of our own: In defence of Kieran Tierney

Celtic fans celebrate the good and the great that don the Celtic jersey, but when they are homegrown there is a special place reserved for these Celtic players in the hearts of the Celtic support - be it Billy McNeill, Jimmy Johnstone, Tommy Burns, Paul McStay. Once such player following in their footsteps is Kieran Tierney.

We’ve all seen the photos and videos of Tierney as a kid at Celtic Park getting Shunsuke Nakamura’s boots. We’ve seen his Dad wax lyrical about the wee guy outside a football stadium and we’ve seen him develop as Emilio Izaguirre’s understudy to one of Celtic’s best left backs in recent years.

But now Tierney is being subject to abuse and criticism from elements of the Celtic support weeks after they heralded him as one of their own as Neil Lennon’s Celtic clinched an historic treble treble.

So what has changed?

Arsenal. The English Premier League club have tabled two bids for the Scotland international - both of which have been rejected by Celtic - and this has seen a rise of a certain elements targeting the 22-year-old for criticism and abuse that he does not deserve in the slightest.

The player has not initiated any talks on moving away from Celtic, he has not uttered a single word about Arsenal coming in for him and he has not spat the dummy demanding a move like some Celtic players over the past few years have.

So what gives these self-entitled wee wanks the right to abuse Tierney?

While it would be great to see Tierney remain at Celtic for the rest of his career, don the captain’s badge and become a true club great like Paul McStay did, we all know that the pull of playing at a higher level as well as the finances that come with it is hard to resist no matter who you are.

Yet Tierney is now being held to a different standard than other Celtic players - including other homegrown stars - is it because he joined the ranks of the Green Brigade when he was in the stands or because he celebrated in front of them with a megaphone?

Whatever the reason for their abuse and criticism of Tierney just weeks after they celebrated him as ‘one of their own’, he deserves nothing aimed his way and this self-entitled element of the Celtic support are giving the full back food for thought when it comes to potentially moving away from the club.

Honestly, why would he now stay at a club that he has supported his whole life and played for since he was young, when he is faced with such hostility and bile from his own supporters? And you can bet if Tierney does decide to move to another club be it this summer or further down the line, this same self-entitled element will not only label Tierney a ‘rat’ as they have been at present, but will also blame the Celtic board over his transfer - while acting all innocent themselves.

Personally speaking, I don’t want Tierney to leave the club. I want him to succeed Scott Brown as captain, I want him to become a club great like Tommy Burns and Paul McStay are. But if he does decide to leave Celtic he will be thanked for his service and wished well in his next endeavour wherever that may be. I won’t abuse or criticism him. I won’t label him a fake Celtic fan and I certainly won’t call him a rat for choosing to play in a better league for more money.

After all everyone in their working lives move onto other jobs, for better money, for better benefits. Yet the likes of Tierney and other Celtic players are supposed to act differently to the fans in the stand?

The hypocrisy of this band of self-entitled arseholes knows no bounds. If you dare to criticise them over the bile they come out with against Tierney, you are labelled a Lawwell stooge, a Green Hun, a Celtic Da or other pathetic insults and it shows them up for what they are and sadly Celtic are seeing more and more of these wee wanks in our support who believe that the club, players and other fans should do as they say and try to class themselves better than others.

The Celtic Das among us who witnessed the good and bad times of supporting the club highlight the fact that Celtic as a club playing in Scottish Football cannot splash tens of millions on players each season to satisfy the needs of the baying self-entitled mob element that demands it every transfer window - because we have witnessed what happened to Rangers 1872.

But this element don’t care. They don'‘t care that Celtic has to balance the books each season, they don’t care that players will come and go either of their own choosing, the manager or the club’s choosing. And they certainly don’t care for what the Celtic Das say, as they are supposedly the true Celtic fans unlike the rest of us.

Whether or not Tierney does move on this summer, one thing is certain the comments from these wee handwringers will come back to bite them on the arse one way or another.

One thing is clear to me though. I’d rather have Kieran Tierney as a Celtic player for one more year than have these self-entitled arseholes supporting the club for the rest of their lives.

He has given Celtic 11 great years as a youth and first team player. If he wants to leave the club then it will be tough to see him go, but he will do so with my best wishes and I hope many more Celtic fans best wishes.