Rangers fans vendetta infects Boys Club abuse victim's mum

The increase in disgusting bile emanating from the Rangers support on the terracing to social media and onto the streets of our country is growing. Not only is our game being subjected to their sick and twisted bile, the days of reasoned debate between fans is now long gone with anyone commenting on Rangers issues facing a tirade of paedo or child abuse insults.

But now it seems that their sick and twisted bile has been latched onto by the mum of one of Jim Torbett’s victims for her own ‘quest for justice’.

Justice sought and secured

Andrew Gray, who sadly died following a swimming pool accident in Australia in 2017, was abused many times by Torbett and suffered in silence for nearly 30 years before telling his family and reporting his abuser to the Police. Sadly Andrew didn’t see justice prevail, but his family did and there is no denying that he and his family deserved the justice that they sought and deserved. Like many other victims of child abuse do - no matter what club was involved or area of our society.

Gray finally found the courage to speak to not only his family, but also the authorities, thanks to former Sheffield United footballer Andy Woodward speaking out over his years of hell at the hands of coach Barry Bennell.

The Gray family has now intimated that they are going to take legal action against Celtic, claiming it has nothing to do with money but to keep the promise made to Andrew as he was in hospital before dying.

From Seeking Justice to Twitter troll

But now not only has their quest for justice been hijacked by sick and twisted Rangers fans who live and breath their child abuse obsession 24/7 - Andrew’s mum now publishes her own disgusting claims on social media as if this will somehow force Celtic into doing what her and her family demand.

Not only does Helen Grey retweet the sickening bile from Rangers fans over the Celtic Boys Club on a daily basis, but she also posts her own on her twitter account .

At the end of this month, Celtic are holding a fans festival at the SECC and this seemed to anger Gray so much so that she claimed that such an event was an insult to the kids that were sexually abused by Celtic Boys Club officials.

Posting on twitter, Gray angrily said: “….they [Celtic] have had the audacity to promote a 'Kids Zone' at [SECC]. Whilst they continue to do all they can to ignore the 'kids', that were sexually abused at CELTIC BC. A Club Like No Other...….And an insult to the ‘kids’ & their families that were sexually abused under their care, who they continue to ignore.

“Why were they [Celtic] the 1st club in Scotland to appoint a safeguarding officer....because the beast JIM TORBETT was FINALLY brought to Justice in 1998 for the sexual abuse of young boys, which is abundantly clear had been covered up by those involved at CBC & CFC for decades!”

She then disgustingly made further claims about the Celtic FC Festival, after she received a generic marketing email from Celtic that she would have signed up to receiving.

Screenshot 2019-07-08 at 16.27.12.png

She clearly implied that something could potentially happen to kids at the event and if it did that Celtic would tell you it had nothing to do with them. This sort of bile from Gray doesn’t help her son’s quest for justice and she is now increasingly looking like a desperate individual who partners up to the filth of Scottish football to achieve her own ends - the same individuals she retweets and interacts with, who refuse to address and even blatantly ignore the abuse that happened at Ibrox.

Interestingly, Gray then tried to backtrack over her initial comments on the Celtic FC Festival when she was pulled up on it by a Celtic fan.

She added: “I never stated that it was sent to me intentionally. What I stated was that it was sickening. If a child were to volunteer at this event & something happened to said child, how do we know that @CelticFC would be there to assist & help them?

“Where did I say they could be abused??? I said if something where to happen to them, then Celtic will tell you that it had nothing to do with them! I & many others parents/victims speak from experience!!”

She also seems to be involved in the targeting, just like Rangers fans, of companies who do business with Celtic.

It is strange that her lawyer has not mentioned to her the legal ramifications of posting such comments online - especially if they are indeed planning to take legal action against the Premiership champions. Not only could it prejudice any forthcoming case, but it could also see her face legal action if she crosses the line with her comments - which she looks increasingly likely to do with every passing day.

Her continued demands to speak to Government officials are also being ignored or rejected and this goes further to fuelling her hatred of not only towards Celtic FC, but a Scottish Government who are allowing the Scottish Justice system to go about their business without government interference. Actions that the Rangers fans hijacking her cause lap up and in turn she returns the favour by reposting their bile.

And yet despite being at the forefront of seeking justice for child abuse victims in Scottish Football, the Gray family have refused to or ignored the news of abuse at Rangers. Why is that? They repost and retweet a plethora of articles on child abuse crimes up and down the country - but not one reference in relation to the likes of Gordon Neely and Harry Dunn - why not?

Maybe it is a case of Stockholm syndrome, their quest for justice is now too important to upset the horde who have hijacked the promise the Gray family made to Andrew.

Their quest for justice has now turned into a twitter troll campaign against Celtic, their fans, the companies that do business with them and SNP politicians.

Her comments and actions online do nothing positive for the quest for justice that Andrew deserved and for many more across the country who are currently seeking justice for themselves or their loved ones. Or those still to come forward.

Andrew’s abuser was caught and jailed - not long enough in my opinion - he is finally at peace. I just hope that Helen and the rest of the family find peace also - but they won’t find it as long as they partner up with the horde who smile like cheshire cats every time Child Abuse and Celtic Boys Club are mentioned in the news.

Andrew’s memory and his courage to speak out deserves more than to be hijacked by these sick and twisted scumbags.