Scots venue cancels Gazza event over Cocaine shame

Former Rangers midfielder Paul Gascoigne has criticised a Scottish venue for cancelling a meet and greet event after video emerged of him online begging to buy cocaine from a fan.

Gascoigne somewhat laughably hit out at the Clickimin Leisure Centre, in Lerwick, Shetland, for cancelling the event which was to be held on the 2nd August.

He tweeted: “Thanks for the support @ClickiminLC. Cancelling my upcoming show in the Shetlands.”

The former Spurs, Lazio and England player then mockingly used clapping emojis before posting ‘No Surrender’ onto the post.

The 52-year-old has a history of alcohol, drug and domestic abuse and despite repeatedly being admitted to rehab centres for his additions, he continues to fall back into his old ways with the latest incident involving a clear star struck fan being approached by Gascoigne - either out of his nut on drink, drugs or both - causing the fan videoing the meeting to look sadden and taken aback by the pitiful sight of a once great footballing talent.

Promoters Event 105 announced the cancellation on its Facebook page today.

It said: “We have been informed today by the Clickimin Leisure Centre that they no longer wish to host the Paul Gascoigne event in Lerwick.

“Following a conversation with the venue’s management we have been told in no uncertain terms that the venue wish not to be associated with Paul Gascoigne and as such they have decided to cancel the event at their venue.

“We apologise wholeheartedly for this but once the venue decided to pull out of the event we have been left with no other options.

“Your understanding is greatly appreciated and we are left feeling very sad that we have been stopped from providing fans of Paul Gascoigne in Shetland the opportunity to meet one of their idols.”

Such meet and greets with Gascoigne have also hid the headlines for all the wrong reasons, with sectarian singing being prevalent among the audience members with Gazza joining in. As well as an incident a couple of years ago when the Rangers fan favourite racially abused a member of security at one of his events.

The former Rangers midfielder had been invited to join the Scottish Football Hall of Fame, but after a huge amount of criticism and recent news stories, the invitation was withdrawn.

A statement released by the Hall of Fame at the time, said: "Further to consultation with the Chair and the Scottish Football Hall of Fame committee, due to a number of factors including ongoing enquiries and concerns over the state of Paul's health, it has been decided to withdraw the nomination of Paul Gascoigne at this time from this year's nomination process."

Gascoigne is currently awaiting trial for sexual assaulting a woman on a train from York to Durham. The former Rangers midfielder pled not guilty to the charge and will stand trial in October.