Scott Brown is an evil big bastard

Celtic skipper Scott Brown has been branded one of the most evil footballers in the world by a Brazilian website.

Boa Informacao listed the treble treble winning midfielder among a list of players who use the ‘art of darkness’ to win games - no relation to Voldemort or that wee Ginger twat mate of Harry Potter though.

Describing Brown, via pigeon English google translation, the website said: "Born of the coals of blood, sweat and tears, his story is that of the Scot who could do some dangerous things in the field to defend his love for victory.

"He remains the most expensive player transferred between two Scottish clubs, and even at the age of 33, it is still easy to see why."

It also added that ‘sometimes the lines between right and wrong can be confused in the pursuit of victory’.

As Brown led Celtic to a historic treble treble this season, the decorated captain has wound up the hordes down Govania way - none more so than raging bull Alfredo Morelos, dodgy Vanilla Ice impressionist Ryan Kent and Andy ‘The best day of my life’ Halliday - as the trio fell foul of the Scottish FA due to their violent conduct in Celtic’s 2-1 win over Rangers in March.

Brown had also been accused of ‘lacking class’ by members of the brass necked Hearts side after the Edinburgh club were beaten 2-1 by Celtic in the Scottish Cup Final last weekend.

We asked Scott Brown for comment, while stroking a white cat, he said: “Mwahahahahahaha!”

While Scottish FA Compliance Officer Clare Whyte, in a Princess Leia costume, chained to Scott Brown’s golden throne uttered the words, “Save me Slippy G you’re my only hope!”

Other villains on the list included Luis Suarez, Diego Costa, Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Ander Herrera and Giorgio Chiellini.

* We didn’t actually ask Scott Brown for comment and we don’t know if Scottish FA compliance officer has a penchant for being changed up dressed as Princess Leia - we merely used artist licence.