Brown urges Turnbull to reject English interests to win trophies at Celtic

Celtic skipper Scott Brown has called on Motherwell youngster David Turnbull to reject a move to England to sign for Celtic and help the club win more silverware.

With Celtic looking to win nine-titles-in-a-row this season, Celtic offered Turnbull a contract reportedly around £10,000 a week after agreeing a £3 million fee with parent club Motherwell. Only for the player’s agent to reject the deal and demand a laughable £20,000 a week which would have made the 19-year-old one of Celtic’s highest earners.

Despite interest from down south, Celtic are the only club to have made an official offer for the player and have given the player and his agent an ultimatum over the deal - either they accept it or the club will move on.

Despite the cutthroat stance from Celtic, skipper Scott Brown hopes that Turnbull agrees a deal with the Scottish champions, but warned him that he is no one is guaranteed first team football at the club.

Brown said: "I don't think anyone is going to get in their contract that they will play 100% of the games," Brown stressed.

"For me, you have to come in to a club and earn that respect and that responsibility to put that jersey on. Especially at a club like Celtic."

Despite interest from the likes of Everton, Rangers and Newcastle, Brown signed for Celtic in 2007 and he admitted that it was more to do with his desire for football success than money.

The 33-year-old added: "There's a reason I didn't go down the road at the time, but everyone's reasons are different.

"I had a hunger to come here and win trophies. I got a little bit of that at the end of my last season with Hibs in the League Cup and I wanted more."

There has been quite a huge backlash from the Celtic fans over Turnbull’s decision to reject what Celtic called a ‘magnificent’ offer, with many demanding the club rip up the deal immediately and tell the player to sod off.

But Brown said that Turnbull would ‘be welcomed by every single person in that changing-room’ if he decides to eventually sign for Celtic.

"He's a fantastic young player," Brown continued. "He'd be a great fit and if he does come here then it will be fantastic for us because he's very young and I'm sure he'll be willing to learn as well. For me, personally, it will be great to have another Scottish player coming in and seeing what he can do."