Shameless Rangers fans target Celtic's sponsors

Just when you thought Rangers fans couldn’t sink any lower in the gutter with their shameless use of child abuse victims in their pursuit to exact revenge on Celtic, they have sunk even lower by targeting their rivals’ commercial partners in the hope that they pull the plug on multi-million pound sponsorship deals.

A number of threads on the Rangers fan forum Follow Follow show Rangers fans posting emails they have sent to Celtic kit suppliers New Balance and sponsors Dafabet.

The enraged Rangers fans are targeting Celtic’s sponsors over the child abuse scandal that involved Celtic Boys Club - an independent organisation from Celtic Football Club.

A three-page thread on Follow Follow, started by a member called Presbyterian, highlighted an email he sent to sponsors Dafabet saying:

“Could I ask if you are aware of the current ongoing child sexual abuse investigations regarding Celtic football club of which Dafabet is the main club sponsor?

”Within the last year there has been 4 separate convictions against former employees of Celtic f.c for crimes of a sexual nature against minors spanning several decades and it appears there is many more to come.

”As a customer of Dafabet I am becoming increasingly concerned that the good name of the company will be affected by these criminal cases as they are now being reported, almost daily, within the mainstream media.”

The same forum member added:

“I would urge any Bears who have Dafabet accounts to also query the company’s stance on being the official main sponsor of a football club that has harboured a paedophile ring for over 30 years. 

”Imagine the headlines if their main sponsor cancelled their contract and cut all association with them while going public with the news - thus giving more power to the victims of Celtic f.c in their quest for justice.

”It would spark a domino effect and no right-minded company would touch them with a barge pole. “

Another member called Geordie Goudie called on Rangers fans to target all of Celtic’s sponsors and commercial partners, as well as Celtic players online, before posting nearly 30 email addresses and web links of Celtic’s sponsors. While another backed his calls and included possible transfer targets of the Scottish champions as well.

While 5*RFC provided a clear indication of why Rangers fans are targeting Celtic, when he posted:

“Keep the pressure up lads. They we're absolutely fųcking rabid when we were on our knees, it was unbelievable the lengths they went to hurt us and still are. 

”I want them punished, stripped of titles then closed down. Their victims need justice NOW.”

However, some common sense entered the discussion through the guise of Corporal Clegg:

“Unfortunately I doubt that any of the companies will take these emails seriously, and will just see it as opposition fans trying to point score/gloat. I wouldn't be surprised if celtic have taken steps to warn them that this kind of thing will happen.”

He hit the nail on the head with his comment, although I suspect he didn’t support it, that ‘opposition fans are trying to point score/gloat’.

Another thread, started by a member called ‘Quality Control’ targeted Celtic’s kit manufacturers New Balance.

His targeted email read:

Dear new balance.
As I finished up playing football in my comfortable New Balance sports shoes an acquaintance enquired if I had checked my mobile phone. I had not, but soon did and as I checked to see I had a new message on WhatsApp i was shocked and disgusted to find the above attached image.
Could you please confirm if you will take action regarding this? I assume there is no truth in it, but it left me rather embarrassed around 16 of my peers as everyone became aware of the allegation and the thought that New Balance pay to help the cover up of child abuse.
Any proof or comment you could supply to help me rebuff these claims and wear my new balance with pride, (and spare my embarrassment next weekend from an unforgiving bunch with long memories) would be gratefully appreciated.
I was vocally critical during the Penn state scandal and this is causing me great embarrassment.
Jack Elington

Obviously, this Rangers fan was loath to use his real name when writing such diatribe and who can blame him. When he made a downright sickening claim that the company ‘pay to help the cover up of child abuse’. The attached image he mentions was a badly photoshopped design of the New Balance logo with nasty bastard underneath it and a claim that Celtic harboured child abusers.

The same shameless Rangers fans added:

“It's an email I use with my Mrs, I sent it to new balance all over UK and the States. (Only reply as of yet) Her name is Jackelin. Spelled like that, and it's on the email as Jack Elin, so was a bit of improve. 

”Mental improve it seems the consensus is, but hey, didn't we say no standard letters they can fob off and ignore?”

Not only was he not man enough to use his own name - he used his wife’s email account and name. What a husband he is. You are the only thing causing great embarrassment.

Thankfully, there are some Rangers fans who see this sick and twisted campaign for what it is.

Battlefield Bear hit out at the original poster by saying:

“Things like this do us very few favours. It's not our fight. As much as I want to see the perpetrators and facilitators brought to justice, this is not the way to go.

”We need to have faith that justice will be done, and be seen to be done. After that, the sponsors won't need any reminders from us.“

If only the likes of MSPs James Dornan, Adam Tomkins and hack Keith Jackson followed this example by letting the due process of the Scottish justice system to take action against those party to such crimes - rather than using it to further their own political careers or stave off the death of their journalistic career.

These posts are just the tip of the iceberg in the Rangers' fans sick and twisted vendetta. A vendetta that can be traced back to the liquidation of the old club in 2012.

Despite ignoring their own club’s abuse history involving the likes of Gordon Neely, Harry Dunn, John Chalmers, Baxter Cavan, and Kenneth Watson, Rangers fans are using the child abuse scandal to target Celtic in the hope that their city rivals are hit with a huge compensation claim - in retaliation for their old club being liquidated in 2012 thanks to their own financial misconduct, an event that Celtic fans and others within Scottish football mocked and laughed at.

But despite, Operation Hydrant identifying over 300 suspects, 849 victims and 340 clubs across UK football - including their own club - Rangers fans gloatingly and gleefully use four convicted Boys club coaches to attack Celtic.

While Rangers fans are point scoring and targeting Celtic’s commercial interests, Celtic fans are supporting calls for an independent enquiry into child abuse in Football, to look at all claims of abuse at Scottish clubs up and down the country. Unfortunately, those calls are not supported by many Rangers fans who are solely demanding an enquiry focusing on Celtic.

This is another episode in a sickening chapter of Scottish football - which sees child abuse victims being used by shameless Rangers fans to target their city rivals all because they fear their false tag of ‘World’s Most Successful Club’ being binned when Celtic leapfrog them in league titles won.

Rangers and its board continue to silent on their fans’ sickening conduct. They are a club truly born out of hate.