Sowing the seeds of dissent among the Celtic support

For those of us who frequent the minefield that is Social Media, since the permanent appointment of Neil Lennon as Celtic manager, you would have seen a significant increase in dissenting voices against the Northern Irishman, against the Celtic Board and Celtic fans in general.


Now there was a clear opposition against Lennon’s appointment and the board’s short-sightedness in the appointment less than an hour after he had secured Celtic’s historic treble-treble.

However, since then Neil Lennon has proven his worth - despite Champions League elimination against Cluj and the recent league defeat to Livingston - he has led the club to a comfortable victory over Rangers in the league as well as a credible draw against PSG slayers Rennes and putting Cluj to the sword in the Europa League group stages to top the group.

Yet there are still a plethora of dissenting voices sowing the seeds of division among the Celtic support and with the increasing brown-nosing and propaganda levels emanating from the Scottish mainstream media - it is clear to those keeping a keen eye on these ‘new’ Celtic fans that something is being orchestrated.

Given the revelations during the demise of Rangers 1872 as Craig Whyte and Jack Irvine tried to come up with negative stories about Celtic as a deflection from the mess that was happening at Ibrox, as well as journalists like Tom English keen to write hatchet jobs on the orders of the Rangers hierarchy - it isn’t fantastical to believe that Rangers 2012 are issuing similar instructions to their poodles in the Scottish mainstream media and their puppets in the Rangers support to create a fifth column on social media.

And I wouldn’t put it past the likes of Dave King and Jim Traynor being behind the new tactics or at least gently guiding their wee lapdogs into such a direction.

How so? Well, Rangers are still paying the wages of racist bigot Chris Graham to run the not-so-independent Rangers fan group Club 1872. There have already been a significant amount of ‘Celtic fan accounts’ being outed on Twitter and the huge amount of articles laughably brown-nosing the club is clear for everyone to see. For example, the piece that heralded Rangers as the third best club in European football for the number of shots they’ve had.

With Celtic currently second in the league after last weekend’s defeat to Livingston at Almondvale, these fifth columnists hope that the divisions they are trying to sow among the Celtic support boil over and spill out onto the terracing. The recent abuse of Ryan Christie was also perpetrated by these fifth columnists - an incident that was pounced upon by the red top hacks - despite a clear indication that the abusers were these ‘new Celtic fans’.

Nine-in-a-row can be a reality for Celtic this season and despite the attempts of Rangers fans to halt their march towards equally Jock Stein’s record - by using everything at their disposal from their obsession with child abuse to laughably trying to claim titles from unofficial wartime leagues or rolling out the likes of Richard Gough and Dave King to claim that Celtic’s previous titles are meaningless as Rangers were'n’t in the league - the reigning Scottish champions are still odds on to win the title despite the likes of the Daily Record publishing advertorials from a website no one has ever heard of to claim that Rangers will win the title because a supercomputer told them so!

They fear Celtic’s dominance continuing. They fear Celtic securing nine in a row as it would spell the end of Steven Gerrard’s time at Rangers. It would spell the end of many of their key players at the club as they look to find a way out of their living hell of playing second fiddle to Celtic once again with the wrath of the horde upon them. And it would spell the end of Rangers title challenge for the foreseeable future.

Rangers have thrown everything into winning the title this season. Dodgy refereeing decisions have been ramped up, millions have been spent on players they think will win them the title as they continue to live in their short-termism bubble and the dirty tricks are in full flow from within their fan base and among the poodles in the press.

Even the recent battles between King and Mike Ashley, as well as King being handed his arse by the Takeover Panel with the ‘cold-shouldering’, are being downplayed and whitewashed over by the loyalists on social media and in the press - despite the truth much more damning for King and Rangers as a whole.

Even the recent report that the Scottish FA is to look into Dave King’s Fit and Proper status is just window dressing for another one of their fudged investigations. After all, they won’t want to rock the boat and risk alienating the horde and damage the commercial aspect of the game - rather than upholding the integrity of football in our country. Not that the Scottish FA would know about integrity.

There are 30 games still to play this season and just like Rangers’ early title celebrations last December - Celtic will continue to do their talking on the pitch rather than in the press or on social media. The Celtic team is full of title winners, while those at Rangers can only dream of the success that their counterparts at Celtic have had.

Their fifth column tactics may try to sow the seeds of dissent but at the end of this season it will be Celtic lifting the league title once more and just like previous years the horde will round on their manager, their players, and their board.

It is the hope that kills them!