The Fear of Celtic winning 10IAR

From demanding unofficial war titles to claiming titles don’t count to demanding authorities strip Celtic of titles due to child abuse crimes at Celtic Boys Club, Rangers fans are fearing Celtic’s continued dominance with 10 in a row on the horizon.

Celtic are chasing their ninth title in a row this coming league season to equal Jock Stein’s record, and despite an increase in bets on Rangers to win the title this year, Celtic are still favourites and if or when they win their ninth title in a row it would secure their 51st title just three behind Rangers 1872’s 54 wins - that has the horde fearing the worst and will try anything to stop that from happening.

For if Celtic do equal that record and even better it - the horde will lose their fantastical claim of being the world’s most successful club. And to say they won’t be happy with that would be an understatement.

Unofficial War Titles

With Celtic breathing down their necks, the demands to open up the gap look to be lost from a playing perspective so the horde are now calling for unofficial titles to be counted to extend their league title tally in the faint hope of keeping Celtic at bay.

Between 1940 and 1946, Rangers won seven Scottish League or Southern League titles, but these are not recognised because the competitions were deemed unofficial due to the Second World War as normal competitive football was suspended with many players involved in the war effort.

However, despite the clear fact that these competitions were unofficial fearful Rangers fans refuse to accept it and claim that Celtic’s four championship titles won during the First World War should be stripped also.

Unlike the unofficial competitions during the Second World War, the league competitions played during the First World War are recognised - because these were official. But this doesn’t suit the horde who called for Celtic to be stripped of their war titles or award Rangers their 12 trophies won during the Second World War years.

They talk about sporting integrity, fairness and morally the right thing to do. But at the end of the day, their demands are clearly a sign of a fan base that is not only hurting at having to watch Celtic dominate domestic football but of a clear fear that they won’t be able to stop Celtic from beating their old club’s league titles tally.

Refusal to recognise titles won

In 2017, Rangers chairman Dave King made the laughable claim that titles won by Celtic without Rangers in the Premiership don’t count and that they would never win 10 in a row now that Rangers ‘were back’.

Since then Celtic have secured a historic treble treble and are hunting for their ninth title in a row - while Dave King panders to the militant band within the horde to keep on their good side as he continues to do more damage to the club than anyone else has since its formation in 2012.

His claim of nine-in-a-row being a competition between Rangers and Celtic was not only laughable, it was also disrespectful to the rest of Scottish football. Not that King cares when he panders to the mob at Ibrox.

The horde lapped up his comments and ran with it. But deep down they know King is talking a load of shite and keep up with that pitiful line.

The use of child abuse to attack Celtic

If calls for unofficial war titles to be added to their tally or claims that Celtic have won meaningless titles, they outdo themselves with their latest attempts to stop Celtic from winning the 10. By using the suffering of child abuse victims for their own sick and twisted agendas.

Despite the crimes occurring at Celtic Boys Club, an ambulance chasing lawyer, Rangers fans, bandwagon jumping politicians and certain family members of a victim demand that Celtic pay out millions to the victims of abusers employed by a separate organisation to that of Celtic.

Claims of evidence that proves their case against Celtic have yet to be seen nearly nine months on from their initial claims. No legal action has been taken against Celtic with trial by media and social media the order of the day for many close to the claims.

But even if such a thing even occurred and Celtic were deemed to be culpable in the crimes of a handful of sick individuals, the horde don’t want it to end there. They want titles stripped, they want cup trophies removed. They want Celtic to face heavy financial penalties. In fact, they beg for it on a daily basis.

They run to the Boston Globe to demand Spotlight-like investigations into Celtic, they utilise Rangers-supporting politicians to run to the media to do their bidding and they infect at least one victim’s family with their plague - resulting in their loved one being secondary to their hate-filled bile and sickening comments posted on social media, because their claims and lies are falling on deaf ears and they haven’t been handed a cheque.

I’ve said it before and will say it again, the horde don’t care about the child abuse victims of Celtic Boys Club employees or any other club for that matter. They deny, deflect and make pitiful excuses when at least four or five former Rangers employees were linked with such sickening crimes.

All the horde want is for Celtic to be stopped at all costs and they will use anything at their disposal to do so - even if they use the victims and families of victims suffering to get what they want.

Fear of Celtic winning the 10 will inevitably turn to violence

With the horde failing on all their above demands, it is now clear as day that they are fearing the worst. Dave King and his cronies within the Rangers board are throwing everything they can to stop Celtic from winning the league this season.

They’ve brought in EIGHT players this summer to a squad that is bloated at 34 first team players. With a wage to turnover ratio of 74% [and then some after this summer’s spending] they are spending beyond their means to stop Celtic at the risk of their future.

Rangers 1872 died chasing the glory that Celtic won with a quality side under Jock Stein. Rangers 1872 were funded by bank loans given to Murray by his chums at the Bank of Scotland, at one point had a debt of around £80 million and dodged tax payments to sign players just to keep ahead of Celtic and chase the glory that they believed was their god given right rather than earning it the right way as Celtic did under Stein.

Now Rangers 2012 are risking their financial health to stop Celtic winning the league this season let alone the 10. For they know, if they fail to stop Celtic this season then 10 in a row will be a formality as Rangers will need to cut costs dramatically to stave off a Rangers 1872 scenario.

Coupled with Rangers losing in court to Mike Ashley again and they will face a sizeable bill over their breach of a commercial and legally binding contract related to the sale of Rangers merchandise. Not only that they will also face two legal bills - one for their own legal counsel and one from Sports Directs. If that wasn’t enough to rip the smugness from the faces of Rangers fans thinking they were Going for 55 this season - despite only being seven years old - they could face the prospect of their deal with Hummel being ripped up a year early [with an early cancellation invoice to follow] and court action from Elite over a breach of the contract they signed with them.

It could have all been different for Rangers 2012. If only they had taken a leaf out of Celtic’s book under Fergus McCann when he staved off administration and worked to a strict business plan - refusing to spend big just to stop Rangers. The future and financial health of Celtic was more important, yet they still managed to stop the 10 thanks to some superb buys and the management of Wim Jansen.

Can you honestly say the same about Rangers under Steven Gerrard with his bloated squad of journeymen, English lower league rejects and a defender that was offered to Celtic but was warned off signing him by his own international team mate.

Nine-in-a-row will spell the end for Gerrard. It will also signal the last post for Dave King and his cronies. The horde will be sharpening their pitch forks and striking the matches to light their torches. The innocent men, women and children of Glasgow and beyond will fear the wrath of the horde fuelled by their desperate pleas being shat all over as Celtic and their fans celebrate equalling Jock Stein’s 9IAR record.

The good Rangers men will face much of the wrath of the horde with protests, with marches and postcards being sent through letterboxes again. There may be an effigy or two being hung outside Ibrox once again - this time with Dave King as the inspiration. But with the convicted criminal securing a majority shareholding earlier this year in part due to the help of his puppets and lap dogs within Club 1872, there won’t be much hope of getting rid of King and his egotistical and damaging ways unless he chooses to walk away.

With the hope of Champions League revenue being ripped away from them, King and the Rangers board will make drastic cuts to their bloated squad. Their top earners will be forced out - just as they are trying to do with Morelos and Tavernier already without much success. Transfer budgets will be non-existent relying on free signings and loan signings once more. While Celtic’s financial prudence since the days of Fergus McCann will see them stroll forward and towards 10 in a row.

And it is the 10 that many fear the most. They don’t fear Celtic continuing their dominance of the Scottish game. They fear what the horde will subject Scottish Football and the streets of Scotland to when Celtic win the 10.

I said earlier on twitter that Manchester would look like a Carry on movie compared to what the horde would do once Celtic win 10 in a row. Their stadium won’t escape their wrath. The staff at Ibrox won’t escape their wrath. Neither will their board. Opposition fans will not escape their wrath. Town and city centres won’t escape their wrath. The horde will rampage through Scotland just as Attila and the Huns did to much of Europe during the time of the Roman and Byzantine Empires.

Their blood has been boiling since Rangers 1872 was liquidated and Celtic winning the 10 will see their fears turn to reality and they will explode. All that pent up anger and rage will be forced upon their loved ones, on their neighbours and the surrounding areas.

That is the true fear that is within Scottish Football. Not that Rangers are supposedly ‘back’ or that they have Celtic running scared. But that Celtic’s dominance towards 10IAR and potentially their 55th title will result in the horde replicating the riots of Manchester 2008 or Barcelona 1972 into reality up here.