Time for the authorities to act on Rangers thugs

Just days after Scottish club were warned over the conduct of fans ahead of the new league season kicking off, Rangers fans showed everyone and anyone why they are referred to as the horde and as huns - destroying anything within their path - sadly their own disabled supporters were on the receiving end once again.

Last season, the horde and the Rangers poodles in the press tried to pin the blame on Scott Brown and other Celtic players for celebrating a win over their city neighbours - which saw angry and bitter Rangers fans trampling over their own disabled fans to try to attack the celebrating Celts.

There was no chance of blame being attributed to anyone else today as Rangers fans not only invaded the pitch to celebrate a late goal to win 2-1 against Kilmarnock as if they had won the title, but also destroyed the roof of the away disabled section causing it to collapse on their own innocent and helpless supporters.

After the match, it was announced that one disabled supporter had been injured over the roof collapse while four Rangers fans were arrested for their part in the pitch invasion.

Fans within the disabled section wee forced to move to the side of the pitch to watch the remainder of the game.

As well as their pathetic pitch invasion and their actions that put the safety of their most vulnerable fans at risk, the Rangers fans belted out their sectarian and bigoted song book throughout the game - despite the club launching a very public initiative to root out such behaviour.

And if that wasn’t enough, ahead of kick off video footage was leaked online showing Rangers fans forcing open gates to the away end with at least one Steward being hurt in the process. Rangers fans inside the ground pushed stewards guarding the closed gates out of the way opening them up to both ticketed and ticketless Rangers supporters forcing their way in.

Said video footage clearly shows that talk of a ‘crush’ was far from true and the thugs within the Rangers support once again put their own fans at risk, with footage clearly showing Rangers fans sitting on the stairs in the away end and standing at the entrances to the terracing.


Despite the rhetoric before the season kicked off about the clubs, football authorities and the police promising to crackdown on fan misconduct - the time for talking is now long gone and action must be taken against these mindless thugs that put the lives of others at risk.

A pathetic statement from Rangers read: “Thankfully no one was seriously injured and we have asked for a full debrief of this incident. The appropriate action will then be taken."

It will be interesting to see if the authorities actually take any action against Rangers and their fans. Hell will freeze over before the SPFL and Rangers take appropriate and deserved action to rid our game of these scum.

What will it take for them to do so? A fan dying? It could have very well happened today when that roof collapsed on the disabled fans.

Time for talking to end and action to be taken before it is too late or are they waiting for Celtic fans to slip up before tackling fan misconduct?