Tiresome Neil Cameron rides again

It seems that the Herald’s Neil Cameron has been offended once again by a banner from the Green Brigade so much so he had to put his trip around the highlands on hold to write about his outrage.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not a big fan of the Green Brigade, and they certainly aren’t fans of me, but what is wrong with unfurling a banner with the lyrics of the Coronation Cup song on it? I will tell you - nothing.

But it seems that Cameron was so incensed at Fenian being in a banner unfurled at Celtic Park, that the cockwomble pulled over into a lay-by during his wee holiday in the highlands to write his latest load of pish.

He concocted some story about his Grandfather and his father to justify his piece attacking the Green Brigade, after he whitewashed over incidents at Rugby Park. First he claimed that the pitch invasion was merely a ‘poor show but not as serious as some have suggested’.

And he refused to comment on ‘people being crushed because something went wrong outside the Chadwick Stand’. Yes Neil something went wrong - ticketless Rangers fans and those with fake tickets aided and abetted by their pals who gained entry forced open gates that saw hundreds of fans bypass security and ticket gates risking the safety of fans with genuine tickets. They did so by assaulting a number of stewards in the process. There was no crush but you keeping peddling that lie - video footage from behind the gates and behind the fans show clearly what ensued and there was no crush and there was no line of Police horses forcing fans into a pack.

You then called those who jumped on the disabled section ‘numpties’ who you would hope feel awful. And that you believe that no one would deliberately endanger the life of a fellow fan in a wheelchair. Yet they would endanger their fellow fans by forcing open gates, faking tickets and forcing their way in? That despite being told multiple times not to cause issues around the disabled section - they continued to do so.

And then the greatest bit of your sad and pathetic excuse of an article - labelling the singing of the banned Billy Boys song as ‘more tiresome than troublesome’. I’m sorry but singing about being up to your knees in blood is not tiresome or troublesome. It is sectarian and that is why UEFA quite rightly banned the song and banned Rangers fans from attending games following the song being sung during the two games between Rangers 1872 and PSV Eindhoven.

This was days after Rangers unveiled their box ticking exercise ‘Everyone Anyone’ which you refused to even mention - unlike the BBC’s Michael Stewart who rightly called out the real perpetrators over the weekend.

You ask what pld Steve would make of it? He would probably question how on earth The Herald hired you in the first place and gave you such a platform to write such pish. Old Steve would probably get his Celtic news from the internet rather than a paper group that hires Rangers propagandist Chris Jack to copy and paste Dave King’s preachings rather than report on the good, bad and ugly surrounding the Ibrox club.

To date Jack remains silent on Sunday’s events while you deflect away from such shameful scenes to target a fan group over a banner with Celtic song lyrics on it.

He further claimed it was a controversial message? Sorry to burst your bubble Neil it was perfectly apt given the poodles in the press begging for Rangers to win the title so that they can write the articles they’ve been writing and rewriting every season that Rangers don’t.

The coverage of Celtic since the departure of Brendan Rodgers has been shameful, while the reporting on the club from across the city is bereft of fact and belongs in an episode of Balamory it is that unbelievable.

Tens of thousands of Celtic fans support Celtic - a club that is ‘open to all’ - but these same supporters are now increasingly seeing our country’s media lapping up the scraps from Ibrox like they did under David Murray to safeguard their commercial interests, to safeguard their press access - fearful that one wrong word would see them banned like Chris McLaughlin of the BBC.

Unlike Rangers fans, Celtic fans celebrate their club, they celebrate their history, they celebrate their achievements and legacy, and they celebrate their culture and identity be it Scottish, Irish or Scottish-Irish. We don’t sing songs about being up to our knees in blood, we don’t shout paedos or use child abuse as a tool to attack another club because we have won hee haw since our inception and we certainly don’t put the safety of our fellow fans in jeopardy and then point the finger and deflect with the help of poodles in the media like yourself.

Rather than spending all your time calling Celtic bloggers scabs or belittling others for the work they produce - maybe you [like the rest of the Scottish press pack] should take your head out of Dave King’s arse and produce work that old Steve would be proud of rather than the chip shop wrapping crap that has been farted out of Dave King’s rectum in the hope that such articles deflect away from Scotland’s shame shaming our game once again.

You say you are ashamed of the Green Brigade banner? Scotland is ashamed at the level of our professional football media is at now. A media that is increasingly playing second and even third fiddle to fan blogs and blogs turned media outlets themselves - such as the superb 90 Minute Cynics, who produce quality content that is now non-existent in our professional media - for a nominal fee.

As you say it’s time to move on. It is time that the fans turn their backs on the diatribe and propaganda that is produced to aid one tin pot club with a Napoleon complex for the likes of the Cynic.