Tory MSP Adam Tomkins shows his true colours as club allegiances comes before justice

Tory list MSP Adam Tomkins is refusing to comment on the recent revelations in the Scottish media that his beloved Rangers are being sued by victims of Rangers employed child abusers Gordon Neely and Harry Dunn.

Tomkins, who has been a vocal critic of Celtic and Peter Lawwell’s handling of child abuse at Celtic Boys Club, has been contacted numerous times since the papers revealed legal action was being taken against the Ibrox club. Yet the self-confessed Rangers fan has remained steadfast in his refusal to utter a single word on the issue - whether in condemnation of the crimes committed at the club or in support of those seeking justice after so many years.

Just over three months ago, Adam Tomkins along with SNP MSP James Dornan independently took to social media and to the press to comment on the crimes committed by Celtic Boys Club coaches and condemned Celtic, Peter Lawwell and their handling of the saga.

They targeted Celtic over their failure to take responsibility, their failure to set up a compensation scheme to give the victims a payout and they ultimately circumvented Scots Law and due process to lay blame at the feet of Celtic without one shred of evidence being heard in a court of law. Becoming judge, jury, and executioner off the back of ‘concerned constituents’ getting in touch with them.

Unsurprisingly, these same ‘concerned constituents’ that Tomkins hid behind during his political bandwagon-jumping rhetoric are now silent.

They are silent as the media’s coverage of Rangers’ own handling of the child abuse crimes committed at the club. They are as silent as those Rangers fans who claim they are seeking justice for child abuse victims. They are as silent as the Gray family who use the rabid dogs within the Rangers support to target Celtic on a daily basis.

They are all as silent as Adam Tomkins.

In June, Tomkins called for an ‘open and transparent’ inquiry into the historical child abuse scandal at Celtic Boys Club. Not Scottish Football as a whole, but Celtic Boys Club solely. Even back then it was clear what Tomkins’ agenda was. He wanted Celtic to be villified to be dragged through the mud, to be shamed by the negative press that he was delivering and hoped would be delivered off the back of a targeted inquiry solely aimed at Celtic. He didn’t want other clubs brought into such an inquiry and he certainly didn’t want his beloved Rangers brought into the equation - knowing full well that there have already been numerous individuals named and shamed over their child abuse crimes - and who died before their victims could seek the justice they all truly deserved.

Celtic as a club has allowed the due process of the Scottish legal system to rule on the guilt of those who committed the crimes at Celtic Boys Club. They have remained silent as allegations have been thrown at them and past officials, demanding that they speak out, demanding they payout and demanding they take responsibility. Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell refused to meet Tomkins on two occasions, firmly knocking the Tory rat’s nose out of joint - so much so he took to his twitter account acting like a spoilt brat crying because he was not given what he demanded.

As a Law Professor and Politicians, Tomkins knows fine well the game he is playing. He is well-schooled in it and individuals like him are even more dangerous than the illiterate loonies on Follow Follow smashing their knuckles off their keyboards demanding titles are stripped, demanding fines of tens of millions, demanding that Rangers war titles are recognised all because they are shitting themselves over Celtic’s dominance of the domestic game in Scotland.

Tomkins has refused to comment on his beloved Rangers telling a child abuse victim to go speak to the liquidators as the matter had nothing to do with them - despite their continued claims since 2012 that they are the same club as the one liquidated in that year. Tomkins has refused to comment on Police Scotland’s statement that they have no record of Rangers reporting anyone least of all Gordon Neely over child abuse crimes. Tomkins has refused to comment on the news that Rangers are being sued by Thompsons Solicitors - the same firm handling cases against Celtic - on behalf of their clients who were abused by Neely and Dunn while they were at Rangers.

And if all of the above was not bad enough, Tomkins has also refused to comment on the news that Neely and convicted Celtic Boys Club employee Frank Cairney hatched a plot to take players to train at Rangers in 1986. Part of a plan that involved a network of coaches across Scotland and the north of England.

News articles covered the initiative, ran with comments from both Cairney and Neely, with the former even admitting that Celtic Boys Club were ‘given facilities free of charge by Celtic Football Club, so we would like to think that Celtic will still get first option of any of our players. In saying that, I have no objection to any of my boys joining any Rangers training scheme’.

A quote that clearly goes against all those claims that Celtic and Celtic Boys Club were one and the same. Why would Celtic get first option on any of the players when they were supposedly Celtic players already? Why would the likes of Cairney have no objections over Celtic Boys Club players signing for Rangers when they were supposed to be Celtic players?

You won’t hear Adam Tomkins asking these questions as he remains silent on matters involving his beloved Rangers and any link to child abuse. It is clear as day to me that Tomkins is of the opinion that crimes committed by Rangers employees against youngsters within the club’s own setup is not worthy of his time, his energy, his attention or his condemnation. He has plenty to say on matters involving Celtic and Celtic Boys Club. He has plenty of time to make jokes on social media about him buying a ticket for the Celtic Festival held recently so that he could finally get the chance to speak to Peter Lawwell and he has plenty of time to call for a Manchester City-style compensation scheme to be set up by Celtic to pay off victims - the same scheme that has been condemned by victims for pricing crimes committed against them in different monetary values.

People like Tomkins, holding positions of influence both politically and academically, are the ones that should be leading from the front in 21st Century Scotland. They should be leading by example, demanding truth, transparency and fighting against injustice. But it is all too apparent that Tomkins is another in a long line of Tory politicians marching to the same tune as his ‘constituents’ want played so as to win their votes.

Tomkins knows fine well that he can only rely on the unionist vote in his constituency. He knows not to rock the boat when Rangers, the Orange Order or the Royal Family are involved as it would mean losing a significant amount of voters and those ‘concerned constituents’ would then turn their attentions to him instead.

In the space of three months, we have had revelations about Rangers employees, about the Orange Order covering up child abuse crimes and demanding the victims pray for forgiveness, and members of the Royal Family - Mountbatten and Andrew - linked to child abuse crimes. And for all three Tomkins has refused to utter a single word in support of the victims, in condemnation of the perpetrators, of the silence from the institutions involved.

Tomkins is clearly putting his club allegiances, political career, and credentials as a staunch unionist before the victims of child abuse seeking justice.

It is time that an independent inquiry is held into Scottish Football and ALL clubs involved or perceived to be involved. We must look into Police Scotland’s involvement or lack of involvement in the reporting and investigation of such crimes over the decades. Into the Scottish FA’s links to child abusers and why they thought a tour around their old Park Circus headquarters was adequate payment for one victim.

But above all, we must make sure that such an inquiry is not plagued by the likes of Tomkins, who would use such an inquiry to target one club and not seek the truth or demand justice for those abused at other clubs because it damages the club that they supported.

Tomkins is not a stupid man, he is a man that is linked to the leader’s role within the Scottish Conservative Party with the resignation of Ruth Davidson this summer. Such an individual is dangerous. He is the enemy of truth, he is the enemy of transparency and above all, he is the enemy of those demanding the justice they truly deserve.

The elected list member for Glasgow is just another gutter rat using the crimes committed against Scotland’s kids for his own sickening agenda. He may be a learned fellow, but his continued failure to comment due to ‘club allegiances’ shows him for the disgusting piece of filth that he is.