UEFA sucker punch Rangers with a second partial stadium closure

Minutes after a false flag report from the Daily Record claiming that Rangers were facing a third charge from UEFA, the Ibrox side were hit with a second partial stadium closure after their fans were found guilty of racist behaviour in their game against Legia Warsaw last week.

it means that for the second successive European home game, the Ibrox side will be forced to close around 3000 seats and unfurl the #EqualGame banner again - the same punishment meted out to the Scottish Premiership side after they were found guilty of a similar offence against St Joseph's in the first qualifying round of the competition.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Rangers said they’d taken the decision ‘even though this means that, once again, the many must suffer because of the few’..

It continued: "This kind of behaviour has no place at Ibrox, or anywhere else where our many teams appear. Offenders must please stop. You are endangering your club, which has recently launched its Everyone Anyone project aimed at welcoming all to Ibrox.

"Those who wish to sing offensive songs must realise by now that they are insulting Rangers players, staff, and fellow fans. There is nothing clever, bold or even defiant in what this small number of supporters are doing."

After the second charge was announced, Rangers looked to have tried to pre-empt UEFA’s punishment by stating they would not take any tickets for their next European away match - but rather than punishing the away support with a ban, UEFA sucker punched Rangers with another order to close a 3000 seat section of Ibrox.

Which means the Ibrox side - if they stand by their initial claim of refusing tickets - will see no away supporters for a tie that could be against either Porto, Youngs Boys or Feyenoord.

Any further misconduct from the Rangers support, either home or away, could see UEFA impose a full stadium ban at Ibrox. The only saving grace for them being that they escaped a full stadium ban this time round as the second offence took place at an away game rather than at Ibrox.