Where are the 'denunciations' from the Police and Politicians over the crimes at TRNSMT?

Back in April, Scottish Police Federation Vice Chairman David Hamilton claimed that Scottish football was in ‘crisis’ and that ‘it will turn people away from the game amid a rise in fan trouble’.

His comments came after Celtic’s 2-1 win over Rangers - which saw two red cards, a number of flash points and post-match handbags.

Speaking to BBC Sportsound, Hamilton, said: "That winds the crowd up. It's despairing the way some fans are behaving in Scottish football. We're seeing an escalation in violence both in terms of severity and frequency.

"At the weekend, some of the officers who were working at Celtic Park were saying it's the worst they've seen in 15-20 years of service. An officer had a flash-bang thrown at him that just missed his head.

"People are hiding behind banners and flags, some of which are being stored in the stadium by the clubs. It's absolutely extraordinary.

"We're seeing a lack of stewarding, very few numbers dealing with some of the most difficult people. It's not a police issue to deal with us. We get nothing back from the clubs."

Hamilton’s comments were followed by SNP MSP James Dornan trying to garner support to introduce strict liability in Scottish football - to make clubs responsible for their fans’ behaviour - after the party’s shoddy Offensive Behaviour at Football Act was ripped up after years of criticism.

Dornan added: "I have the cross-party support to go ahead with the bill and there's a head of steam growing in Scotland that something has to be done about football. It was a mistake to repeal the Offensive Behaviour At Football Act and something has to be put in its place."

This was after SIX arrests were made during March’s derby game at Celtic Park. Three for sectarian breach of the peace and one supporter being stopped for trying to enter the stadium under the influence of alcohol. The two remaining fans were taken into custody for resisting arrest and being drink and incapable.

A further NINE fans were arrested after May’s derby game at Ibrox after Rangers won 2-0. Seven men and two women were nicked for alleged public order offences.

Jumped forward to last weekend as tens of thousands of revellers descended on Glasgow Green to attend TRNSMT.

According to Police figures, released two days ago, 44 revellers were arrested across the whole weekend of music. Friday saw 13 arrests made, eight were arrested in Saturday with a further 23 arrested on Sunday.

Yet Police claimed that the event was a ‘largely positive experience’ despite having more folk arrested than at all four Glasgow derby games last season!

A woman was sexually assaulted on Friday night with her attackers escaping. She will be glad of the Police claiming the event was a ‘largely positive experience’.

Flares were smuggled into the event, while there was a huge influx of fans trying to enter with drugs or caught taking drugs at the event. It wasn’t that long ago that Scottish football was also getting the blame for the rise of drug use and this in turn was blamed on the rise of hooliganism.

Superintendent Simon Jeacocke said: “Saturday at TRNSMT was extremely positive, with attendees in good spirits at the event.

“Eight people were arrested for minor offences and, because of positive police searches at the gates, plus on-site partnership working with event organisers, we detected and deterred 23 people from entering the site with drugs.”

One attendee slammed her fellow music goers on the Friday night, where they were ‘Over-consuming alcohol and drugs, wearing clothing that left nothing to the imagination and just general rudeness ‘.

Other music goers were pissing and pooing in the streets, in peoples gardens anywhere they could find - other than toilets.

Yet Scottish Football is the problem. We have a plethora of bandwagon jumping politicians targeting football and in particular Celtic and Rangers for disorder, for sectarianism, for drug use, for alcoholism, for domestic abuse, for knife crime and violence on our streets.

We hear from the Police condemning football fans violence and politicians demanding new laws are imposed to criminalise football fan behaviour - all the while they remain silent on the criminality of music revellers be it at individual concerts or music festivals.

We are told that football violence is the worst it has been in the past 15-20 years after just six arrests were made at one game - with 60000 fans in attendance. Yet when there are 44 arrests among 50000 fans at TRNSMT the Police label it as a ‘largely positive experience’.

Predictably, the Politicians have remained silent on the criminal acts, the drug use, the violence, the sectarianism, the alcohol use and disgusting behaviour of TRNSMT revellers - but you can bet your mortgage on them running to the press to comment if a football fan farts the wrong way.

Scottish football does have its fair share of problems. no one is going to deny that, but to criminalise football fans and treating other sports/event fans differently does not help to solve the problems that are deeply ingrained in Scottish society.

Sectarianism is a problem in Scotland, yet Scottish football is seemingly solely to blame for it or the Catholic schools are. Yet the anti-Catholic marches on the 12th July and all-year round policed by more Police and Stewards than attendees are not to blame. Their followers resorting to violence, drunken behaviour and sectarianism are treated better than football fans in and around our stadiums. These hate groups are allowed to march past Catholic churches to advertise and promote their hate-filled bile - or if they are told to re-route they cancel the marches clearly proving their marches are nothing but anti-catholic.

Yet we have Cops celebrating confiscating a six pack of Tennent's Lager, a few bottles of buckie and some cider from a bus load of football fans as if they are Italian coppers seizing ground to air missiles, machine guns and ammunition.

It is easy to target Scottish Football and in particular, Celtic and Rangers fans, blaming them for the problems that we have in society - but the problem lies within our society not around four games a season. It lies with the failure of the Police in not doing their jobs properly, it lies with the failure of the politicians more interested in getting one over on the other parties rather than doing what’s right for the country and its people and above all it lies with the failure of our society as a whole.

We even have Scotrail putting on extra trains to cope with 50,000 fans over three days so that the festival can run ‘smoothly’, all the while the same organisation refuse to put on extra trains for football fans going to Hampden, Celtic Park or Ibrox - with over 50,000 fans going to the games regularly. Treating football fans not only like cattle, but second or even third class citizens.

Scottish football is a small part of our society and it is responsible for a small part of the criminality within our country. Supporting your football club and football in general is not a crime - no matter what Messrs Hamilton and Dornan want you to believe.